Thank you for choosing the ATOM Swimming program. Please contact us if you would like to join us for an introductory practice session before joining the team. Please follow the steps listed below to join the team.

Step 1: USMS Registration

Step 2: Select Training Fee Option

Step 3: ATOM Swimming Membership: Email us to process your registration.


Training Fee Options:

All ATOM Swimming training sessions include stroke specific exercises (stroke mechanics coaching), quality specific sets to improve overall fitness/athleticism, on-pool-deck functional movement exercises, and body-weight specific resistance exercises.

ATOM 32 Training Sessions Pass*:

ATOM 24 Training Sessions Pass*:

ATOM 12 Training Sessions Pass*:

5 ATOM Drop-In Training Sessions Pass:
$115.00 (Expires in 4 weeks from the first attended training session)

1 ATOM Drop-In Training Sessions Pass:


*All ATOM Training Passes will expire 16 weeks from the first attended training session

Full and Part-Time college students get a 10% discount of all ATOM Training Passes. Please contact the coach directly if you are interested in joining the ATOM Swimming program at a college student discount rate.